• Indie Poetry Spotlight on Elisabeth Stevens: Sirens Songs
    Author, artist and critic Elisabeth Stevens comfortably wears a number of hats, sometimes simultaneously. The former art and architecture critic for several regional and national periodicals boasts an impressive publishing résumé that includes poetry, fiction, drama and monographs.

    Also a widely exhibited artist, she has melded her writing and art in two livres d’artistes released under her own imprint Goss Press. A facsimile edition of one of these, Sirens’ Songs, a collection of evocative poetry, by turns contemplative and sensual, recently received a Kirkus Star.

  • American Nocturne review
    Unaffected and affirmative lyric poetry on cycles of aging, death, and rebirth.

    In her aptly titled new collection, Stevens (Sirens’ Songs, 2011, etc.) offers poetry true to the best qualities of the nocturne tradition—atmospheric, tranquil, dusky, and musical verses—while inflecting it with an undeniably American optimism. “Night is moving across the country,” she concedes, and soon, the lands will be “engulfed in charcoal twilight / darker than mud in long-tilled fields.” But, she writes, this is no cause for fear, for this is a “comforting darkness” ... Click to Read the full review »

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Elisabeth Stevens Schleussner, writer and graphic artist, dies at 88
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