In a Certain Place

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The poems in this anthology explore the theme of place. This book is an appropriate gift for any occasion. Poets included are Jean Bower, Gail Collins-Ranadive, Gabriele Glang, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Mariquita MacManus, Judith McCombs, Fan Ogilvie, Betty Parry, Cheryl Romney-Brown, Elisabeth Stevens, Elizabeth Sullam, Charles Sullivan, Alice Marie Tarnowski, and Stacy Tuthill. Introduction by Br. Rick Wilson, T.O.R. Franciscan.



“That certain place … is the firm-rooted place of vision and confidence in a torrential human landscape of changing mores, shattered hopes, tenuous trusts and tentative commitments. It is the place of life-giving clarity in something greater than ourselves, something awesome and enduring enough to keep us anchored and safe in the storm. It is the place, at once inviting and fearsome, where the numinous speaks and we listen–the place of vitality, conversion and missioning forth to live in a world too often profaned by those things that corrupt our humanity.”

Florida Artist & Writer Elisabeth Stevens