Ten Large Etchings

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The ten large and imaginative etchings pictured and documented in this catalog were created by Elisabeth Stevens from 1989 to 2006 on 22×28-inch zinc plates and 31-inch diameter copper rondos. All were hand printed in small editions. They often picture energetic nudes influenced by figures from Classical Greek vases such as the sensual MA on the catalog’s color cover. Other works involve dream memories such as: When I Was Three, I Flew Across the Front Parlor Over Their Heads or ironic commentaries such as the Death of Santa Claus. Three strange, metaphorical rondos depict Chaos, Metamorphosis, and finally, Apotheosis. Always, these are highly original works in which imagination runs rampant.



Stevens gives visual vent to her fertile and sometimes frightening imagination. –John Dorsey, Art Critic, The Baltimore Sun

Her images in the nature of their varied characters, scale and design complexity, particularly in the case of her three circular etchings, express not only a respect for the surprises of etching but also the visceral power that etching can bring to a message deeply rooted in social commentary drawn as comedy. –Kevin Costello, Talking Lines

Florida Artist & Writer Elisabeth Stevens